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2011: Transforming Behavioral Health Care: Four Catalysts in Four Yearspicture of progress report.jpg

At Magellan Health Services of Arizona, we've been tranforming the behavioral health of care over the past four years. By engaging provider partners, building relationships with community stakeholders, employing and engaging peers in the system and by reaching out to those we serve. Our 2011 Progress Report is filled with examples of how we have helped to reshape mental health care in Arizona.  Click here to view the report.


2010: Living Healthy, Working Well: An Investment in Arizona's Futureprogress report 2010 cover.jpg

All Arizonans have felt the impact of our state's fiscal crisis and the behavioral health system has been no different. From FY09-FY11, central Arizona has endured approximately $68.6 million in cuts to funding for services. During the same time, under Magellan's leadership, the system has grown more efficient and focused our resources on innovative programs and initiatives that can demonstrate objective, transparent outcomes for individuals challenged with mental illness and their families. Despite our fiscal challenges, the services provided by Magellan continued to grow stronger in many areas. Throughout this report on our 2010 progress, you'll see examples of the kind of innovation Magellan has championed. Click here to view the report.  Click here to view the insert.

2009: Voice & Choice: A personal approach to recovery2009 progress report_87x118.jpg

When Magellan Health Services of Arizona was named the Regional Behavioral Health Authority for Maricopa County in 2007, we made a promise to these individuals and to others who work closely with us. That promise was to continue to build on the successes of our mental health-care system to give the more than 80,000 individuals challenged by these issues voice and choice to realize their desired outcomes. By supporting those who seek our help and providing them with caring, unrivaled customer service sensitive to the diversity of our communities, we are delivering on that promise. Click here to view the report.

Magellan Accomplishments: System Transformation Efforts 2007-2010

The document below outlines Magellan's progress in transforming the public behavioral health system in Maricopa County. It discusses the accomplishments and changes that have taken place in 2007 - 2010.

Magellan System Transformation Efforts 2007-2010 (8.73 MB)

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If you are in crisis, call the Crisis Line at (800) 631-1314, TTY (800) 327-9254. For emergencies, always call 9-1-1


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Contact Information

Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care (Mercy Maricopa) is now the Regional Behavioral Health Authority (RBHA) serving members in the Maricopa County Region. For questions regarding your services, please call 1-800-564-5465 or TDD/TTY 711.

** To file a grievance or appeal for services provided on or before March 31, 2014 please call Magellan Health Services 602-652-5907, x8590