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As a parent or family member of a member receiving services, you have a big responsibility and are an important part of helping your loved one reach their recovery and resiliency goals. If you have a child, youth or adult in your life who is receiving behavioral health services, we invite you to take an active role in their care by getting involved with the Magellan RBHA.

In particular, you have valuable information about what care and services would be most effective for the person you know and care about. You can offer invaluable insights into the mental health care delivery system. You can help us decide what services are needed and how we can better support people who receive services and family members like you.

There are many ways to get involved with Magellan and help us improve our program and services:

  • Join one of the many advisory committees. As terms end, application periods open periodically for new members to apply. To learn more about these committees, please call Magellan Member Services at (800) 564-5465.
  • Participate on child-family teams and support individual treatment decisions. If you are a family member of an adult receiving services, they must give Magellan and/or their provider permission in order to share information with you. It is important that your adult family member (18 years or older) sign a Consent to Treatment form and specify on a Release of Information form which family members or friends can receive information about their treatment. This way, you can be an effective advocate on their behalf. Once these forms are signed, you will be able to work with providers to make sure the recipient continues to receive treatment and services. You will also be able to share medical information with identified behavioral health care providers and discuss behavioral health information, (including prescribed medications), with his or her primary care physician.
  • Connect with peer-to-peer support systems. We encourage you to get connected with your peers. Working together with other family members of people receiving services, you can help each other navigate the system, share what's working best and find support in each other - all of which can make your job a little easier. Call Magellan of Arizona's Member Services team at 800-564-5465 to find out more about advocacy organizations in your area, or to learn how to reach a Family Mentor at the direct care clinics.
  • Get to know local and national advocacy groups. There are local and national organizations that provide resources and advocate for persons with behavioral health needs, family members and caretakers of persons with behavioral health needs.
  • Send us an e-mail at to share your ideas or to ask questions.

We can't do it without you!

Stay in touch with us. Magellan includes peers and family members in our RBHA operations. We encourage you to share your knowledge with us to help us make the RBHA better.

We appreciate your efforts. We are here to help and support you. And, we hope that you'll share what you have learned with us!

For more information on the roles of family members in the RBHA, please contact Magellan of Arizona by calling the Magellan Member Services line at (800) 564-5465.

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Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care (Mercy Maricopa) is now the Regional Behavioral Health Authority (RBHA) serving members in the Maricopa County Region. For questions regarding your services, please call 1-800-564-5465 or TDD/TTY 711.

** To file a grievance or appeal for services provided on or before March 31, 2014 please call Magellan Health Services 602-652-5907, x8590