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My Provider Outcomes Dashboard (Adult PNOs)

Updated December 2009

signatureMagellan of Arizona, ADHS/DBHS and Maricopa providers have worked together to champion an outcomes approach. Through this collaboration, we have created a report card for monitoring and reporting real‐time results across the system. Grouped into balanced scorecard categories of service maximization/administration, coordination of care, clinical quality and recovery, these 18 performance measures are the mile markers of our progress. The dashboard simply and graphically depicts the real‐time status of each measurement for the 25 clinics serving individuals with severe mental illness. For example, we can demonstrate dramatic progress in staffing case managers and physicians, now at all‐time high levels. Stay tuned by for updates and more information.

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Will Humble ADHS/DBHS Acting Director Introduces Dashboard David Covington Quick Video User Guide

Click anywhere above to activate dashboard content. Select the month from the
scrolling bar along the top and the agency/clinic from the top left.

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